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Ask 100 people on the street and likely 95 of them will say that content is what makes a conference good. And yes, the content of the conference is one of the most important elements. Since you are there to learn and have usually paid a substantial admission fee to do so without good content you are left wondering why you went in the first place. But the 5 out of 100 people will surprise you in that their answer will indicate it is ultimately more about the people and the atmosphere of the conference. In other words it is the connections made and the networks enhanced during the conference that turn good to great! (Editor’s Note: results not scientifically achieved)



Hundreds of people attended the Tiny House Conference in 2014 making for some very interesting and motivating conversations, late night chats, and break-out dialogues. With even more people expected to attend this years conference it is exciting to think of the brainstorming that will happen, the friends that will be made, the ideas that will be shared, and the magic that will happen.


The takeaway from last years workshop is that because the success of the tiny house conference is often gauged by having the right people in attendance there are some key elements in doing so:

  • Select the right speakers
  • Keep entry prices low
  • Create more than a conference

We feel like we have achieve those pillars already this year and are excited to add you to the mix.


Leading out in our sessions are some of the most diverse and gifted voices in the tiny house community. Folks like Kristie Wolfe who has already built two tiny houses in two different states, Tammy Strobel who as a published author is one of the early tiny house dwellers and a solid voice of experience, Lina Menard who holds a Sustainable Building & Design Certification from Yestermorrow, a Master’s in Urban & Regional Planning from Portland State University, and certificates in Urban Design and Sustainable Building Advising, and others (as well as more being added regularly), are speakers that will entertain, educate, and engage each minute of the weekend.


The old adage states that money is no object. But to most of us it is very much an object. In fact, part of the tiny house ethos is learning to build and live in a fiscally responsible fashion. With comparable workshops costing upwards of $500 for a two-day affair the $300 registration fee for Tiny House Conference is indeed reasonable. And in the spirit of community and involvement we want the Tiny House Conference to be accessible to everyone that wishes to come including those that may not be able to afford to. To that end we offer 15 “pay what you can” tickets. For those who are truly unable to afford the full ticket price, they can pay what they are able to and will help at the event as a volunteer. For those that feel they qualify, please fill out this form for consideration, we will review all applications and make accommodations where possible.

To register for the conference fill out this form. Learn how you can build and live in a tiny house, tour on-site tiny houses, learn from our roster of amazing speakers who live in and build tiny houses, and finally, connect with other tiny house people!



The 2015 Tiny House Conference in Portland, OR is so much more than just a conference. It is a full experience. It includes social events, on-site tours, sponsors, etc. From the moment you arrive we will treat you to a tiny house convergence unlike any other. From the moment you show up to the moment you leave you are part of the conference; part of the experience! Connecting with others will spur ideas, build connections, and help you on your journey!

Find out where the tiny house movement is going next and find out how you can be part of it. Attend the 2015 Tiny House Conference. Register here

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