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By Tiny House Conference on March 5, 2015 in Conference, Portland 2015

In as few as three years the tiny house world (or community, if you like) has become saturated with eBooks, blogs, workshops, conferences, weekenders, eCourses, and more! Some offer hands-on opportunities. Some offer one-on-one availability. And yet some offer speaker engagement wherein the audience can hear from some of the most noted individuals in the movement.

tiny house panelSo what does a speaker bring to the table though? Synonymous with motivational speaker, inspirational speaker, breakout speaker, industry expert, closing speaker, etc, a true, quality speaker should be able to capture the essence of their subject and be able to highlight to the audience in a relatively short period of time. This goes hand-in-hand with proper preparation, some visual example, and ample research. Once prepared a speaker can use their time to present a unique and authentic moment to the conference audience. The 2015 Tiny House Conference is proud then to offer speakers from all over the tiny house world delivering engaging presentations all weekend. Do you want to see these luminaries first hand? get-your-tickets-rg

Last year’s speakers included Ryan Mitchell, Sicily Kolbeck, Macy Miller, Laura LaVoie, Malissa Tack, Lina Menard, Andrew Odom, and a keynote address by Dee Williams, among others. It was a time of presenting and sharing that truly unified the conference audience and brought an academic and narrative edge to the event. This year is shaping to be equally as exciting. Already confirmed are:

  • Kristie Wolfe
  • Alek Lisefski
  • Andrew Morrison
  • James Herndon
  • Tammy Strobel
  • Danny Dover
  • Logan Smith
  • Lina Menard
  • Macy Miller
  • Ryan Mitchell
  • Laura LaVoie
  • Malissa Tack

SpeakersRead more about this years speakers on the ‘Speakers’ page. Sign up to hear them live at the online registration page.

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