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By Tiny House Conference on December 4, 2014 in Conference, Portland 2015

It is difficult to believe that the 2014 Tiny House Conference is already nine months behind us. The largest workshop of its kind catering specifically to the tiny house and small house community it was an experience like no other. With tiny house on display, guest speakers on hand, and lots of opportunity to be had, the weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina set the stage for exciting new adventures for tiny house enthusiasts including this year’s conference being held in Portland, OR.


And what would make a better holiday gift (as that season is already upon us!) than a ticket to the conference? Let’s fact it. For many of us the holiday gift giving season means little more than stress and headache. Between crowded stores, loud overhead music, inflated prices, and cheap quality, the experience is less than stellar. Not to mention most gifts that are given this time of year mean little to nothing. And who wants to give a gift that doesn’t mean something? Why do we put ourselves through the seemingly obligatory and annual exercise of purchasing expensive gifts and then exchanging pleasantries on Christmas day finding ourselves being in the position of and putting others in the position of having to care for MORE stuff?

This can all be rectified with one simple change. Instead of giving things. Give experience. Do you have a husband or wife that wants is T-H-I-S close to committing to a tiny house? Why not afford them an opportunity to stand in one, to walk around in one and stretch out in the sleeping loft? Maybe your nephew has keen ideas on passive solar energy? Don’t buy him yet another book with pictures and sketchy diagrams. Buy him a handshake and face-to-face with like-minded people who are already incorporating solar power and others who are trying to revolutionize the practice as well.

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But why is this such a great idea, this giving the gift of experience?

A gift like a ticket to the 2015 Tiny House Conference is generally less expensive than giving traditional material gift. First of all, the receiver won’t have to deal with yet another material possession. They won’t have to find a place to store it. They won’t have to rearrange drawers or a closet. It isn’t going to ever need to go into the shop or require a call to some out-sourced customer service.

Additionally, it will stand out and in a positive way. Who wouldn’t flaunt the gift of workshop registration? And then as the conference comes up and then takes place the memories, stories, and adventures will last indefinitely. T-shirts fade. DVDs get lost. Taco Bell gift cards get spent. But motivational words, hands-on experience, and tangible tours, are often remembered forever!

So set yourself apart from the others. Make this holiday extra special for that extra special tiny house aficionado in your life! Register in their name today and purchase them a ticket to the 2015 Tiny House Conference in Portland, OR.

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