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By Tiny House Conference on November 6, 2014 in Portland 2015

The tiny house market is saturated with workshops as their popularity and the demand for the oft-mobile homes increases. Everything about the tiny house world is expanding. More people than ever are interested in how to prepare themselves properly for living tiny as well as building/renovating their own unconventional-style home including tiny house trailers, RVs, yurts, cabins, cottages, teepees, and the like! It is an eclectic bunch and a dynamic one to boot!

This years Tiny House Conference is a workshop looking to equip you with a learning environment that consists primarily of people who have built and/or currently live in said tiny houses. There will of course be others as well including authors, bloggers, legal advocates, and community supporters. Not only will those guest presenters be sharing only their stories but also their time making themselves available to answer the questions you have the whole conference long!


Seen above:  2014 conference participants get a chance to discuss one of the tiny houses on display with its builder.

With several tiny houses of different designs, sizes, and levels of complexity (and more being added regularly!) as well as notable speakers all being present at the 2015 conference it seems easy for the event to turn into more of a “meet ‘n greet” rather than a real opportunity for participants to look, learn, and interact. The 2015 Tiny House Conference will remain that desired opportunity!

While the two days of the conference are divided into hour long speaker sessions there are countless opportunities to meet and talk with tiny house builders, current tiny house builders, well-known bloggers, and fellow attendees. And like any good conference each of those meetings is sure to provide nuggets of insight that go beyond just the How-To’s and message points too often found in lecture-style huddles. Even meal breaks are networking opportunities!

Perhaps the icing on the cake of this years’ conference though is the Open Session scheduled for Sunday afternoon. As history dictates it will be an informal, small group time where you can have any number of conversations with participants and speakers.

Don’t waste any more time. Secure your spot at the nation’s largest tiny house gathering. Register here.

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