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By Tiny House Conference on March 19, 2015 in Conference, Portland 2015

The training that a conference like the 2015 Tiny House Conference offers is second to none. Between qualified speakers, tiny house dwellers, and notable advocates of the lifestyle, the conference is poised to be the most prolific and robust educational opportunity in the tiny house world. Perhaps though the most incredible part is that on both days of the conference there is an actual building component available to attendees.

Tiny House BuildDay One of the workshops will focus on beginning building with skills as basic as measuring and cutting a piece of wood. By the building course on Day Two attendees will be instructed on essential framing techniques and even more! Now is the time to seize your dream, learn how to build, and be inspired to start your tiny house life. Registering for this unique conference will do all of those.

get-your-tickets-rgExperienced builders who will be on hand include Kristie Wolfe, Alek Lisefski, Andrew Morrison, Macy Miller, Malissa Tack, and more, all of whom have built their own house and can speak to a number of issues that may arise during the build process. Sign up to meet them, hear them speak, and possibly learn some building techniques from them at the 2015 Tiny House Conference by visiting the online registration page.

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  1. Doug Wayne May 12, 2015 Reply

    Hi my name is Doug or known among my friends as Mr. Innovator ( they bestowed this name on me) for all the innovations & work-a rounds I’ve incorporated in building several tiny-upscale houses over the last 5 years. Having 28 years experience in residential & commercial building I’ve been able to use my experience in not only building tiny homes but incorporating unique design features that maximizes space but leaves the utility functions of a home well hidden & not stumbled over in the livability of the home. I’ve have sold every home I’ve built with numerous requests for more. I’m currently working on a super lite model that should be able to be towed with a mini van or equivalent GVW type vehicle, it uses a lot of my commercial construction experience & is proving to be a production model. I would be interested in bringing this completed proto-type for the 2016 tiny house conference. Feel free to email me for more info or help with your current design or project.
    My current super-lite model is in framing stage & features a docking-undocking tow trailer that can be either sold to re-coup some of your investment or left in place for towing ,this unique design allows the tiny house owner to place the semi permanent house at its location then quickly remove the tow trailer for other uses, like hauling materials for your next tiny house. I am also working on a design manual for the DIY market listing (true) wholesale suppliers, manufacturers & accessories vendors for A-Z parts to complete a tiny house from top to bottom.

  2. danenhelpling.science October 25, 2015 Reply

    Bring a tiny house! Have a tiny house? You can get a free ticket if your house is accepted, details here.

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