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By Tiny House Conference on February 12, 2015 in Conference, Portland 2015

Perhaps the Shelter Wise team says it best when on their website they note:

Our passion for Tiny Homes is unmistakeable. We love nothing more than to help others realize their dreams of going simpler, smaller, and more sustainable. We love how Tiny Homes magically encompass all those values while also providing flexibility and style.

And with their Miter Box – a house available for viewing at the 2015 Tiny House Conference – they have crafted a 16′ long tiny house that is simple but stylish and smart. In less than 150 sq. ft. they include a small kitchen, lots of creative storage, a dinette with hydraulic table that turns into a double bed, a bed loft and a “wet bath” with a shower and flushing toilet, with great aplomb!

Shelter 1The most striking feature of the house is the use of new materials and reclaimed materials. The continued use of board and batten that extends from the metal sided entryway to the one-half of the wooden wrap of the house and even extending up to the roof is sleek and gives the home a much larger look than it is actually is. The then added use of what seems like reclaimed wood gives the house a warmth and coziness that plays against the metal. The look is simple and refined yet incredibly inviting and will, in fact, open its doors to all who register for the 2015 Tiny House Conference in Portland, OR.



Shelter 2The use of metal and wood continues inside. The lines though run horizontally rather than vertically which gives one a feeling of longevity and continuation. The home seems more spacious because of them. One of the most notable parts of the house is the use of understated yet ample windows They are all uniform in size and while looking a bit small from the outside they let in a tremendous amount of light and air giving a sort of picture window quality. The clean casing emphasizes the framing of the environment outside. The lack of trimwork is also an interesting touch which only allows the walls to look that much larger and the windows to be that much less intrusive.

Shelter 3The overall interior seems very mid-century modern with the rich wood tones, use of perfectly square shapes (note the sconces), the stark white walls, and even the neutral flooring. The design is not for everyone, granted. But it is a new and hip version of the tiny house and will be interesting to view at the 2015 workshop.

If you want to walk inside this home and view its rich design and detail reserve your spot today for the largest tiny house conference yet, now just two months away in Portland, OR.

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