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By Tiny House Conference on November 12, 2014 in Portland 2015

Most television viewers have watched at least a small amount of home design shows – interior and exterior – beginning with This Old House all the way up to Love It Or List It. From them we arrive at new thoughts and new perspectives me more than likely didn’t have before. The variety of homes paraded in front of our eyes is indeed the spice of domestic life. We are treated to the spicy designs of latin America, the subdued homes of plains living, the detailed digs of timeless cities like New York and San Francisco, and even the “Over The Top” designs of Trousdale Estates. But with each vision our minds are opened a bit and our eyes are perked. The same can be said of a workshop event like the 2015 Tiny House Conference in Portland, OR in which no less than six tiny homes will be on display.


Last year’s conference showcased several tiny houses including a design by Wishbone Tiny Homes and one by Tiny Home Builders. 

The importance of viewing various tiny homes and designs is three-fold:

  1. Shows the possibilities of micro-design
  2. Encourages others to expand the current tiny house design repertoire
  3. Allows participants to see what is possible and what is feasible

This years conference will include more traditional tiny house designs including the very popular Tiny House Giant Journey home currently traveling the United States and hosting workshops and open houses at each stop. THGJ is a 20ft. Cypress designed by Tumbleweed Tiny Homes. The THGJ built by owners Guillaume Dutilh and Jenna Spesard is considered a more traditional design in that it has a gabled roof, lapboard siding, a small stoop, and two opposing lofts.


The ATMA Travelear teardrop camper built byDavid McCamant is not at all the traditional tiny house. But with its wingback kitchen, interior cabinetry, comfortable bed, and deco design, it is every bit as livable as the next rig. Featured early on in Tiny House Magazine it will certainly be an eye catcher and a point of interest for all attendees.

In order for any movement to continue growing and becoming more influential it needs to build upon its own foundation. It is important to show what has been done and talk about what possibilities are attainable. That is what THC is doing. In bringing together advocates of small spaces there will be ample chance to uncover fresh perspective and gain insight, motivation, and determination to build your own tiny house.

Find out where the tiny house movement is going next and find out how you can be part of it. Attend the 2015 Tiny House Conference. Register here.

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